Once More for Greenland We are Bound

It’s been a long time since I added a post here, so a word of explanation is due, if not of apology. The process of refining and improving The Pinning Stones has been going fine, but it’s now in a phase where it depends more on other people’s decisions than mine. We are getting there, though, and I expect that the printed version will be available—with Anne Murray‘s beautiful artwork—in September. I’ve been in Aberdeenshire twice in June and will be here again next week. After the months of snow that accompanied my visits this winter, it was almost a shock to rediscover the lovely greens, ochres, browns and blues of the Shire’s summer. By way of compensation for the delay, here are a couple of artefacts you might enjoy.

Songs of NE Scotland

The first is very local. Frieda Morrison has been filming performances of some songs from the Greig-Duncan Collection in the context of her role as Artist in Residence at Celtic and Scottish Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Here is one of my favourites (perhaps because my ignorance of Doric is less of  a handicap) You can see many more songs on her YouTube channel: they’re a delight.

Stories of migration

And, in complete contrast, my own latest book. It’s called Bread and Salt, and it considers migration, through the experience of 18 artists who have come to Europe from Latin America, Africa, South Asia and Japan. It was published in Holland ten days ago, and is available as a free download from here. There’s nothing about  Aberdeenshire or even Scotland, but teh experience of migration has marked this area deeply.   It’s a long way to Greenland, but wonderful when you get there…


2 thoughts on “Once More for Greenland We are Bound

  1. Dear Francois We are looking forward to seeing you next week. please bring an english copy of Bread and Salt It looks very interesting. Remind me what you dont like to eat……? Was it Garlic and what else? With love Fiona

    On 3 July 2013 18:18, THE PINNING STONES: Culture and community

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